2005-2007 Project Update

What we did in 2007


  • Hired new Project Coordinator, Paula Lewis.  We thank Nicole Corbo for her dedication and commitment over the last several years.
  • Flagstaff hosted the Defenders of Wildlife Annual Wolf Conference
  • Met with Dr. Tuggle, US Fish and Wildlife Service Regional Director of the Southwest to discuss the current issues facing the Mexican gray wolves in the Blue Range Wolf Recovery Area
  • Several Letters to the Editor in the Arizona Daily Sun were published by Grand Canyon Wolf Recovery Project's dedicated volunteers and members
  • Met with Steve Martin, Superintendent of Grand Canyon National Park
  • Hosted our very first "Wolves Without Boundaries" Fundraising event. 
  • Op-ed Article in Arizona Daily sun by Paula Lewis, Project Director of GCWRP
  • Educated over 300 students both at high school level and at NAU
  • Attended several community related events
  • Participated in the National Environmental Act Policy (NEPA) scoping process with the US Fish and Wildlife Service.  Over 100 community members showed up to support Mexcian gray wolf recovery!  Thank you!
  • Continued with our Summer Campaign and raised awareness of our work towards wolf recovery in the Grand Canyon.


What we did in 2006


  • Worked with almost 40 volunteers, who dedicated their time on the north and south rims of Grand Canyon and helped educate the public about the importance of wolves.
  • Engaged the public and sent over 1,000 post cards to the Southwest Regional Director for the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service.
  • Presented at the Grand Canyon National Park Service Interpretive Ranger Training in the spring.
  • Attended public meetings and submitted comments to USFWS and AZGFD, regarding Mexican gray wolf recovery and the final 5-Year Review Document and proposed changes to the Standard Operating Procedures.
  • Organized tabling events and presentations throughout AZ to raise awareness about the history and future potential for wolves in the Grand Canyon Ecoregion.
  • Worked with Defenders of Wildlife to host an Endangered Species Act activist training event in Flagstaff.
  • Presented at the 2006 Bioneers Conference in Flagstaff.
  • Featured in the December edition of Mountain Living Magazine.
  • Updated and improved our website!


What we did in 2005


  • GCWRP became an official coalition through the creation of a cooperative agreement between the member organizations.
  • Designed, printed, and began distributing our brochure with a generous grant from the Fund for Wild Nature.
  • Instituted a state-wide poll through the Social Research Laboratory at Northern Arizona University, which found that 81% of those polled support wolf migration to northern AZ.
  • Organized tabling events in Flagstaff, AZ to raise awareness and generate letters to oppose politically fueled, proposed changes to wolf recovery efforts in the Blue Range Wolf Recovery Area.
  • Attended public meetings and submitted comments to USFWS and AZGFD, regarding a one year proposed moratorium on new releases of wolves to the Blue Range Wolf Recovery Area and proposed changes to the Standard Operating Procedures.
  • Worked in conjunction with Northern Arizona University to promote a slide show and lecture given by Doug Scott of Yellowstone National Park, to highlight the findings discussed in his book, Decade of the Wolf. 
  • Continuing work on proposals for roadless areas to be submitted to the Forest Service for the 2006 revision of their management plan for the Mogollon Rim.
  • Visited public schools in Flagstaff, Arizona during National Wolf Awareness Week (Oct.16-22) and distributed information to local businesses and governmental agencies in an effort to raise awareness.
  • Met with Grand Canyon National Park officials and members of the Grand Canyon Trust to discuss the landscape for wolf recovery in the Grand Canyon Ecoregion.
  • Organized and attended NGO Wolf Summit, which included members from organizations working toward wolf recovery in AZ, UT, CO, and NM, in order to develop a comprehensive plan for recovery to the western US.