Lobo Family Tree


We are excited to seek funding for our new project called The Lobo Family Tree!

If you have been following us on social media and reading our newsletters, you would have noticed our dedication to recognizing wolves as individual sentient beings with their own unique lived experiences. While we will continue to share these inspiring individual stories, we feel that it is also important to share how these stories are connected and shaped by the wolf's complex family structures. We plan to do this by creating the FIRST LOBO FAMILY TREE!

Some feel that animals are voiceless and we need to speak for them, but wolves have a voice, we need to find a better way to listen. By creating the Lobo Family Tree, we can document their stories and have the evidence we need to speak for their best interests. We have so much to learn from lobos if we allow them to live out their lives freely and make their own decisions about their territories, partners, and family groups. Therefore this project will not only help us to understand wolves but also be a valuable resource to push for greater wolf protection and inspire people to take action on behalf of lobos.

We hope you will join the movement and support the creation of the first Lobo Family Tree! 

This ambitious project will require ongoing resources. That's why we're inviting our supporters to become monthly donors to help fund the development and maintenance of the Lobo Family Tree. As a monthly donor, you'll receive exclusive updates and progress reports! Can we count on your support?

Make your monthly donation here.