Teatro del Lobo Mexicano


An interactive puppet theater to educate youth about Mexican wolves

Follow the Water is a (prerecorded, because pandemic :/) puppet show about the struggle of wolves to have a place in nature and in our hearts. It's a story to demistify what it means to live a wolf's life and to turn the tables on how humans view wolves' role in the ecosystem. We are taught through many classical stories and metaphors that wolves are dark creatures, that they are to be feared, despised, and sadly, exterminated. This story brings to life the endearing and social qualities of wolves that are not so unlike ourselves and shows how the reintroduction of wolves to wild places may reverse the collapse of other threatened species and even entire ecosystems. Follow the Water begs the question- What happens when we suppress our own wildness? And what is possible if we don't?

The story follows the adventures of a young dispersing wolf and the friendly wild creatures it meets along the way. What do a frog, beaver, elk and condor have in common with a wolf? What happens when wolves and humans collide? Where will this young wolf end up? Woven together through projector shadow puppetry, hand puppets, and marionettes we go into the unknown with the young wolf. Both positive and interactive, this show is sure to get elders and youth singing and clapping along.

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Special Thanks to the National Wolfwatcher Coalition for an education grant to support our puppet show!