Tell the Government to restore wolves in the Grand Canyon region!

The Grand Canyon region in northern Arizona and southern New Mexico has been identified by science as necessary for Mexican wolf recovery. Science also shows that wolves are important for restoring the ecological health of our wildlands.

But two misguided developments threaten our ability to restore wolves in the Grand Canyon region: efforts in Congress to strip Endangered Species protections from wolves across the U.S., and reintroduction rules that do not allow Mexican gray wolves to live north of I-40.

Please send a postcard to Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell and ask her to restore and protect wolves in the Grand Canyon region today. You can personalize and use some of the talking points below in your postcard.

Dear Secretary Jewell,

  • As a resident of Arizona, I want wolves restored in my state, including in the Grand Canyon region north of I-40.
  • Administrative or legislative actions that strip wolves' Endangered Species Act protection threaten wolf recovery. Please use your influence to stop all such actions from moving forward.
  • The rules that keep Mexican gray wolves from living north of I-40 contradict the best available science on recovery and cheat us of the ecological benefits of restoring wolves in this important region.
  • Wolves have been missing from most of Arizona and from Utah for too long. Please do everything necessary to restore them to the essential natural role in these states and throughout the U.S.
  • Include your name and address in your message.

You can also email and call Secretary Jewell with this message:
E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: (202) 208-7351

Thank you for speaking out for wolves today!