Letter to the Editor: Time to learn lessons from Anubis, the Mexican gray wolf

Arizona Daily Sun (Original) Posted November 7, 2021 by Sara Wilbur

I was happy and encouraged to hear that Anubis (m2520), the Mexican gray wolf that arrived in the Flagstaff area in May 2021, has returned to our area after the Arizona Game & Fish Department relocated him in August.

It is clear that something about the ecosystem in this area north of I-40 is appealing to Anubis. Who is to say that the general public or our government agencies know what Mexican wolves need to thrive more than they do?

That being said, the latest scientific evidence provides the best guess as to which environmental conditions are ideal for wolf establishment. The I-40 boundary line for Mexican gray wolf protection is arbitrary, politically motivated, and ignores the science: northern Arizona, including the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, is a highly suitable area for wolves, especially in regards to the predicted northward expansion of Mexican gray wolves due to climate change.

I sincerely hope that Anubis is left alone this time around and that he is given the space to determine the best place to call home.

Sara Wilbur