Letter to the Editor: Reader takes heed to a wolf's tale

Arizona Daily Sun (Original) Posted July 11, 2021 by Sally Evans

What good news to read about the Mexican Gray wolf, born in the recovery area on the southeastern Arizona/western New Mexico border, and now out exploring more northern lands.

Jim deVos, from Arizona Game and Fish, makes the observation that a wolf getting too close to humans puts the wolf at risk. This is also true of any wildlife living close to urban lands. Just this morning, there was a bear seen raiding bird feeders in Cheshire, and a small squadron of javalina strolling through east Flagstaff.

Those of us who have the great good fortune of calling northern Arizona home have a responsibility to protect our non-human neighbors and to acknowledge their right to coexist. As changes in climate result in changes in habitat, we will find ourselves sharing space with a variety of fellow creatures, and we must learn to adapt to their presence. There is no reason to relocate this adventurous wolf, and we should wish him safe travels.