Ready to fight for wolves

White Mountain Independent (Original) Posted October 26, 2018 Letter to the Editor by David Hartley

It looks like less than 100 wolves left now ... but we wont know until springtime the exact count. Meanwhile tens of thousands of cattle grazing on public lands and endless amounts of huge deer and elk populations (out of control), in some places actually eating down the forest. It's just so sad and such a mess, we have subcommed to a bunch ignorant laws, myths and people.

Many of them make a great deal of money from public lands and off taxpayers. It needs to stop, and will stop. We need our Mexican wolves, every last one of them. And with that comes all the legal questions and the burning desire to bring to justice to those who have or will seek to harm our wolves. Keep in mind for every last wild wolf shot and killed that just rallies up and brings more and more of us to the cause to save them. Realize too, there are many of us are more than ready and willing to fight for our wolves. In fact we will not rest until there are a substantial amount of native wolves on the wild lands of the Southwest again.

David Hartley
Flagstaff, Arizona