Wolves, livestock have coexisted elsewhere

Arizona Daily Sun (Original) Letter to the Editor Posted November 16, 2014 by Kay Bordwell

To the editor:

Thank you for your coverage of the wolf issues in our state. I am a longtime wolf supporter who began my interest and education regarding wolves as a school teacher sharing with my students the importance of balanced ecosystems. I have learned that the reintroduction of the Mexican gray wolf in Arizona provides the possibility of better ecosystems throughout our region and, with that, strengthening many species also clinging to survival.

The US Fish and Wildlife's recovery plan should reflect research and a well-developed and long-term solution for the Mexican gray wolf. At present, they have not integrated research done by recovery team scientists and the recovery team has not met since 2011. Under the Endangered Species Act, the best available science is required for species such as the Mexican gray wolf. Surveys have shown throughout Arizona citizens place importance on the reintroduction of the wolf and support the efforts so far.

We can coexist with wolves. Responsible livestock owners are successfully using resources and tools in reintroduction areas. Public responses to recent sightings in northern Arizona of possible wolves affirm the interest and excitement that these animals create. Please support a complete and updated recovery plan for the Mexican gray wolf -- your grandchildren will thank you!