What motivates you to care about Mexican gray wolves?

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Our Board has a few things to say…

As we approach the tail end of 2022 we recognize and celebrate the reasons we all come together and work for the recovery of the Mexican gray wolf in the Grand Canyon region.

For each of us — from our long-time supporters to those who just came on board — there is a distinctive personal motivation for why we support the Grand Canyon Wolf Recovery Project and wolf recovery.

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Our board members would like to share their inspirations for continuing to champion the efforts of our small but mighty organization:

Mexican wolves deserve to once again roam throughout the Grand Canyon region. For me, working with GCWRP to ensure their restoration through advocacy and education is a way of honoring this magnificent apex predator.
— Jim Schmitt

I care about Mexican gray wolves because their presence and thriving indicates a healthy ecosystem. To me, supporting the establishment and sustainability of healthy ecosystems is one of our most important human obligations. — Sara Wilbur

With every species lost, we lose a little more beauty and a little more wonder, and we weaken our connection to a world beyond ourselves. — Sally Evans

My last name is DeWolfe. I love all animals domestic and wild, but wolves are special. I have been volunteering with the GCWRP for many years and am now on the Board. I will do any and all I can to keep the Mexican gray wolf from extinction. — Debby DeWolfe

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Thank you so much for your generous support!

Jeanne Trupiano
Board President
Grand Canyon Wolf Recovery Project