Stand For Endangered Wolves in Arizona!



Rally for Wolves at the AZ Game and Fish Meeting on August 7, 2015 in Flagstaff, AZ

During the period in which AZ Game and Fish had the most control over the lobo's reintroduction, the wild population declined to only 42 wolves and two breeding pairs.

If the Arizona Game and Fish Commission had its way, there would be no more Mexican gray wolves in the wild. It's time for the majority of Arizonans who support Mexican wolf recovery to loudly and visibly oppose Arizona Game and Fish's anti-wolf actions.

Please stand for wolves with us at a rally during the August 7th AZ Game and Fish Commission Meeting. Give wolves a voice by participating in the meeting as well.

Little America Hotel
2515 E. Butler Ave
Flagstaff, Arizona

The meeting starts at 8 a.m. The Mexican wolf briefing is item 5 on the agenda.
We will hold the rally at 12 pm outside during the lunch break.
If you can't make it to Flagstaff, you can support lobo recovery by participating from another regional office in Arizona.

Download tips and talking points for preparing your meeting remarks.

Sign up here to RSVP for the rally and/or meeting.I am essential wolf photo by WCC

The AZ Game and Fish Commission has advocated for killing wolves, even whole families, accused of depredating on livestock. It has sent letters to Congress advocating that Mexican gray wolves be stripped of their Endangered Species Act Protections. And it has done everything it can to stop the release of new wolves from captivity, desperately needed to boost the genetic health of the wild lobo population.

Recently, it bullied the US Fish and Wildlife Service into capping the number of endangered Mexican gray wolves allowed to live in the wild at 325, with no basis in science or recovery planning, to trap any lobos who travel to key habitats north of I-40, and to make it easier to kill and remove these highly endangered wolves.

It is crucial at this time when the AZ Game and Fish Commission is advocating for anti-wolf policies and Arizona Representative Paul Gosar is trying to strip Mexican wolves' Endangered Species Act protections, that we have a large showing at both the meeting and the rally!

We want wolf supporters to be highly visible, so please wear a green shirt (if you don't have a green shirt with a wolf image we will give you a sticker to add to any green shirt) and give wolves a voice during the Wolf Briefing Agenda item 5. Then join us at the rally outside during the noon lunch break.

Even if you don't wish to speak, you can help just by being there and filling out a blue card saying that you support Mexican gray wolf recovery.

You can speak face to face with the Commission at the actual meeting in Flagstaff. Or you can participate via video teleconference from a Regional Office in Phoenix, Pinetop, Flagstaff, Yuma, or Mesa (click here for regional office addresses). Please note that the Tucson and Kingman offices are not available for the video teleconference due to construction.

You can also help by signing the petition asking AZ Game and Fish to stop obstructing wolf recovery.abq rally nov 20 2013

Our lobos can't speak for themselves against state persecution.
They need all of us to do it for them.

Please RSVP to participate, and spread the word.

Download flyer here.

Thank you for giving our endangered native wolves a voice!

For more information, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.